M16 Ministries and Outreaches

M16 Ministries is primarily known for its involvement in tough spiritual warfare cases. M16 Ministries is also a powerful prophetic evangelism ministry and is both missionaries to America and the world. Believe or not, America's greatest missionary field is in it's very own backyard. M16 Ministries goes to venues such as Burning Man, New Age events, street festivals and other venues.

M16 at Burning Man

Partnering with Cindy McGill's Hope for the Harvest, M16 team members go out to Burning Man, in the Black Rock desert, once a year to give Burners powerful encounters with their creator.

M16 at Spiritual Expos

We participated with Russ and Susan Fochler's ministry, Light for Your Journey. They led a team of prophetic, dream interpretation and deliverance Christians attending the New Age Living Expo in San Francisco. This is a huge event for New Age attendees seeking a spiritual experience. Many published and recognized New Age psychics come to this event and charge on the average $50 for a spiritual reading. Christians, freely give and freely receive. We were on hand giving Holy Spiritual readings from God. We did have an optional donation but we did not enforce the collecting of the fee. We did this primarily because spiritualists were getting upset we weren't charging at the last event and the Light for Your Journey booth is extremely popular. Those of us who participate in hearing God and giving the guest a Holy Spirit-ual reading are there with no agenda. We're there to love on God's people and give a real Holy Spirit-ual encounter. Lisa, myself and Holly Jean Merrell were on hand for the Saturday morning shift (10-4) to work the booth. I paired up with Susan Fochler to give spiritual readings. Lisa and Holly paired up as the other team when the Expo opened. Susan Fochler and I gave readings to about four women in our shift. The very first woman Susan and I gave Holy Spirit-ual readings to, the Holy Spirit already had her in the hot seat. I don't think the woman even had to time to sit down before she started to cry. The Holy Spirit revealed great things about her life and about her friend seated next to her. After about 3 or 4 readings in a row, Susan and I had a break from reading. Lisa and Holly were about to give another Holy Spirit-ual reading to a woman and her daughter. The woman was somewhat upset a tarrot card reader looked at her cards and refused to give a reading to the woman. The tarrot card reader even gave the woman her money back! (Don't you love it how God sets up an encounter?) So this woman and her daughter come into the booth and were seated with Lisa and Holly. Susan stepped out of the booth for a breather. I -for some reason- decided to pick up my tablet and start sketching. Lisa and Holly gave the woman, the mother, her Holy Spirit-ual reading and praying for healing. I was busy drawing a pegasus horse on my notepad. For some reason I was drawn to the notion that this picture had meaning to the mother. I don't ever draw winged horses. I had sketched a winged horse with a tail that flipped up at the end. I waited for an opening to hand the drawing to the woman.

She said, "Wow, this is for my daughter." She handed it to her daughter who took it. The daughter's face crinkled like she was about to cry. She recomposed and said quietly, it was her tattoo. The girl was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I couldn't see her arms at all. She 'closed up' for a few minutes, cause I think she just didn't know what to do or think, so Holly and Lisa continued to minister to her Mom. When Lisa and Holly were done, the daughter asked me how I knew. I told her I was listening to God. God showed me the picture and I sketched it out as quick as I could. The girl told us that her father had the pegasus tattoo and died a few years ago. She decided to get a matching one in memory of her father. She took off her black sweatshirt and pulled up her black sleeve to reveal her tattoo on her shoulder. It was EXACTLY like my sketch. --BUT a mirror image, It was so close, even to the size, the position of the winged horse and the flip of the tail, even the color of the ink pen I used. We all just went "WOW!! Oh, my God!" (No wonder she freaked!) She had wanted to know if God was real. Guess she got her answer! The testimony doesn't end there! Susan Fochler, Lisa, Holly and I prayed for the mother for healing. Some spiritual activity intervened and made the woman quesey. So we stopped right away at the woman's request. When they left they were very HAPPY with the Holy Spirit-ual encounter they had. About 30 minutes later the same woman and daughter returned excitedly back to our booth. The mother went to another booth at the Expo to get her aura photographed. The photographer gets excited at the picture and tells the woman that the yellow and orange aura he photographed represents the healing of Jesus! The photographer's exact words!! Lots of other cool testimonies there too. I worked with another member of the Bay Area Dream Team, Cynthia, in the afternoon. We gave Holy Spirit-ual readings to published psychics. We broke the enemy's hold of generational curses off people, prayed for healing, life and longevity. Their experience really opened the eyes of deep spiritual people, people seeking to be psychics and Christian prodigals. This was a cool -no agenda -no pressure -no fire and brimstone -commitment free- event. The only purpose was to see people touched by God. We let the Holy Spirit convince them of the true value of their experience. What Russ Fochler said regarding the Light for Your Journey experience, 'The word at the Expo is that our booth is the "hottest" booth and the thing to do.'

M16 and Human Trafficking

M16 partners with WhyNowMinistries to work with rescueing young girls in America and Asia. M16 operates in covert ministry with WhyNotNow Ministries as well as operating in a deliverance minsitry capacity. Many of the girls rescued have severe spiritual oppression from their nightmare ordeal.

M16 also ministers in strip clubs, with Time is Precious Ministries. M16 goes into Adult Expos with Hope for the Harvest. These are specially trained ministry teams that enter venues far too dark for most ministries to enter.

M16 and Water Filters in South America and Asia

On missionary trips to Asia and South America, M16 brings water filters to help change the health conditions of the zones we visit. In South America, working with Whitney Ministries and WhyNtNow Ministries, we delivered Sawyer filters to the farthest reaches of the jungle of Guyana, South America. In some villages, we heard stories of how loved ones just recently died from sickness from contaminated drinking water. In Cambodia, clean drinking water can literally save a child from being sold into human slavery.In Cambodia, when parents become ill, they can't pay their medical bills. The trade their children in exchange for payment of a medical debt. Traffickers are like predators in this region. Clean drinking water helps the people from getting sick and being put into this terrible predicament.

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